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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

4th Masterclass in EES and Cartilage Tympanoplasty on 21 & 22 May 2016


...... Experience The !innovative Learning ...
The "!" in !NNOVAT!ON

Monthly Academic Feast  includes EndoscopeJusttachSlice !tEndohold and Live Surgical Demonstration of Two handed technique in Endoscopic Ear Surgery and vast discussion by lectures and videos.

Sushrut ENT Hospita & Dr Khan's Research Centre, Talegaon D, Pune

 21 & 22 May 2016 

** Course Director 

Dr. Mubarak Khan
Dr Sapna Parab

** Course features:

Opportunity to learn "!" in !nnovat!on & basics in "exclusive Two handed endoscopic ear surgery and Techniques in cartilage tympanoplasty"

Course: Endoscooic Temporal bone dissection Demonstration with videos and khan's endoscope holding system. Live surgery with EndoHold,  Justtach and Innovative techniques in cartilage tympanoplasty using Slice it .
1. Type 1 sliced composite perichondrium-cartilage graft.
2. Type 1 sliced cartilage temporalis fascia reinforcement
3. Type 1 sliced island tragal graft
4. Type 3 sliced cartilage.
5. Type 3 umbrella
6. Canal wall reconstruction by sliced cartilage
7. Sliced mosaic cartilage tympanoplasty
8. Inside out cholesteatoma clearance with Endoscope
9. Hands on for slicing by Khan-parab "Slice !t" using potato

Note: No of Surgeries depends on availability of cases

** Lectures:

1. Concept, design & development of khan's endoholder "EndoHold "
2. Justtach: a simple solution for two hand technique in EES
3. Two handed technique in type 1 tympanoplasty
4. Concept of Functional Endoscopic Ear Surgery F.E.M.E.S.
5. Endoscopic Anatomy of Middle ear surgery
6. Understanding Slice !t
7. Microscope versus Endoscope in Ear surgery
8. Concept of Endoscopic Inside out mastoidectomy
9. Canal wall reconstruction
10. Concept of Modified Cartilage Slicer for slicing techniques in tympanoplasty
11. Endoscopic Anatomy of Facial Nerve
12. Histology of cartilage
13. HRCT Temporal bone
14. Pharmacology in Otolaryngology
15. Hypotensive anaesthesia in EES

** Lectures By: 

Dr Rajendra Zope
Dr Bendale
Dr Hemant Kshirsagar
Dr Ganesh Pentewar 
Dr Vinod Shinde
Dr Sunaina Thakur
Dr Prakash kulkarni
Ms Sneha Kulkarni

Opportunity to handle and work on khan's "Endohold" and "Justtach" and "Slice !t"

Dissection seats : only Video demo of endoscopic cadaveric Dissection
Live Surgery: only 8 per course
Seats must be reserved for monthly course

** Course Fee:
Consultant : Rs 4000/_
Foreign  :   $ 250
Post Gĺraduates Rs 2000/-
                               $ 150

For Justtach & Slice !t users : Only  Rs 1000/    $ 100
(Proof of owning Justtach & Slice !t must be submitted)

COURSE Fee includes only Two Breakfasts, Two Lunchs and One Banquet and registration kit with 3 DVDS of 12 EES  and all 10 publications in book format and complementary copy of "Odyssey through philosophy of mind" free.

20% Discount on Purchase of "Justtach" & "Slice !t"

Accomodation: very affordable hotels available in Talegaon and Pimpri chinchwad and Pune
5 star: Hotel Orritel  3 km from venue
1 star: Hotel Nupur only 200 meters from venue and highly economical phone: 09890077280/0982201635

**Contact and Enquiry

Dr Mubarak khan

** Website:

** Local Transport Contact:

For Airport Pick up and Drop and local Sight seeing of Lonavala contact Travel Agent Mr Dipak Sonawane. All charges must be negotiated and directly paid to Agent. 
Mobile: 09822937006 / 09423138063

TIP: Please note this service is paid service and is responsibility of delegates at their own discretion. One must contact directly to agent. We don't guarantee about anything regarding travel. This is just humble effort to ease your stay here. 

Only SMS "Justtach"

** Mode of payment
1. Online bank transfer
2. Demand Draft
Note: Strictly NO cheque
Bank Details for Registration:

Account : Dr Khan's Creations
A/C no: 53233070009913
IFSC Code: SYNB0005323
Bank Name: Syndicate bank BRANCH: TALEGAON DABHADE-410507 (PUNE DIST.)

Sincere regards.

Dr Mubarak Khan
** Senior Consultant & Director
Sushrut ENT hospital and Dr khan research centre 

** Director & Founder
Dr Khan's Creations
Talegaon Dabhade, Pune,  India



1. Endoscopic Color Atlas of Ear Diseases
2. Endoscopic Atlas of Larynx & Pharynx
3. An Odyssey Through Philosophy of Mind