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Friday, November 30, 2012

Testimony by Dr. Sapna Ramkrishna Parab from M.I.M.E.R Medical College, Talegaon-D, Pune, India about ASAN MEDICAL CENTRE, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA

Testimony by Dr. Sapna Ramkrishna Parab from M.I.M.E.R Medical College, Talegaon-D, Pune, India  about ASAN MEDICAL CENTRE, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA


Testimony by Dr. Sapna Ramkrishna Parab from M.I.M.E.R Medical College,
Talegaon-D, Pune, India

Asan Medical Center, Seoul, South Korea, is one of the leading and sophisticated health care centers in Asia
with ultramodern facilities and dedicated health care professionals. It is wonderful not only in its pleasant
ambience but also the great hospitality offered to all the International Visiting Scholars.

It was my privilege to be a part of Asan Medical Center for the International Fellowship Training in Rhinoplasty
for one month in October 2012 under the proficient guidance of Prof. Yong Ju Jang. Prof. Jang is an internationally
acclaimed World Renowned Rhinoplasty Surgeon and Research Scholar. He has hundreds of Research
publications in Rhinoplasty, Rhinology and Rhinoviruses. During this one month of my tenure in Asan Medical
Center I have witnessed the innovative work of art of Prof Jang and I am truly impressed by his precision, passion
and patience which make him perfect and master in the field of Rhinoplasty. . Prof Jang is an excellent teacher
and I enjoyed all academic discussions and interactions with him. I was amazed to see that a person of such
a high international caliber could be so humble, kind and down to earth.

During my free time I had interactions with Prof Lee (Otology Professor) in the outpatient clinic and in operation
theatre. In spite of his busy working schedule, Prof Lee was kind enough to explain about all the details of the
patients to me. I enjoyed and learnt his operative details and techniques (cochlear implant and mastoidectomy).

With the kind permission of Chairman of ENT, Professor Soon Yuhl Nam, I had the privilege to present our
(Dr. Mubarak Khan, Dr Parab) work and innovative techniques of Sliced Tragal Cartilage Tympanoplasty published
in American Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery which was well appreciated by one and all.
It was a great time for sound academic interactions.

Apart from academics, I also enjoyed the extra academic events organized by the department especially parties
and get -to -gathers. I was really moved by the whole hearted enjoyment of these hard working and sincere
residents. I also had the opportunity to attend the National Korean ENT Congress held in Gwangju. This was
a feast of academic activities and also yet another time to mingle with the residents at a personal level.
Amongst all the residents, I was particularly very fond of Dr. Yie (final year resident). Her kind hearted nature
and her willingness to help were worth appreciating. I also had friendly help from Dr. Cho Gye Song (fellow
Rhinology), Dr. Jung and Dr. Lee (Rhinology residents).

I also have memories about my stay in the Guest House with my friend and roommate Dr. Yang Lina , Gynaecologist
from China and the Korean food and my experience with CHOP STICKS..My stay at Asan Medical center is filled
with the fond memories of these kind hearted Koreans which shall always refresh my mind and heart. Apart from
fond memories, the statement by Asan, Chung Ju-Yung, founder of ASAN MEDICAL CENTER which truly made
an impact on my mind is

Monday, November 19, 2012

Invitation as International Guest Faculty to HNO klinik Wuerzberg Germany

I have been invited as International Guest Faculty to HNO klinik Wuerzberg, Germany for 25 th Course on Microsurgery of the Middle Ear to deliver a talk on "Tragal Cartilage in Tympanic Membrane Reconstruction"  on february 25 - 27, 2013

Following is brochure: