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Friday, October 5, 2012

Review of our Book by Prof. Dr.B.P.Belaldavar, KLE University’s, JN Medical College, Belgaum,Karnataka.


 Dr.Mubarak Muhamed Khan and Dr.Sapna Ramakrishna Parab ,at the outset let me thank you for offering me the pleasant and responsible  task of  evaluation and comments on your unique academic and enterprising compilation on Endoscopic Color Atlas Of EAR Diseases .

Well ,this colour atlas has well organized endoscopic documentation.I believe it is really a great patience and acumen of the authors in putting it into reality of such a commandable collection over the years of different types of affections of EAR starting from simple and common to complex and rare ailments .The way it has been put in different sections involving entire various diseases effecting EAR is marvellous and suggests the professionalism.I feel personally as a professor involved in teaching the UGS and PGs since last 18 years,systematic chronological photographic analysis and precise and apt written commentary on every particular endoscopic picture in this particular atlas should be of immense help to all the undergraduates, PG’s , and budding ENT clinicians,in knowing and analyzing various clinical conditions and confusions in clinical practice .This is a book, which deserves to have a permanent place over the table of every practicing otologist and in the referring rack of library of every medical institution.

Once again I congratulate you for your this novice endeour and wish you all the best for your future such academic commitments.

Thanking you again,



KLE University’s,  JN Medical College,


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