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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review of Book "Endoscopic Color Atlas of Ear Diseases" By Prof Ugo Fisch

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Dear Dr. Mubarak Kahn,

a wile ago you have sent to me your Endoscopic Colorf Atlas of Ear Diseases
for review. I apologize for having taken so much time to give my opinion on
your excellent book.

I have enjoyed very much your well printed extensive collection of
endoscopic images of the external ear.The quality  (sharpness and color) of
the pictures is not always perfect but the material you have accumulated
through the years is so exentensive and complete to make it a very valid
otologic reference book.

I have had some difficulty with the text explaining the illustrations
because our classification of ear diseases differs from yours (s. our
book:Tympanoplasty,Mastoidectomy,ans Stapes Surgery U.Fisch, J.May, Th.
Linder Thieme 2008).

"Skin in the wrong place"  becomes (according to H.Schuknecht) a
cholesteatoma only when there is an associated "accumulation of keratin".The
evidence of accumulated keratin is therefore essential to diagnose the
presence of a cholesteatoma on an otoscopic image.
In chronic suppurative otitis media we divide perforations of the tympanic
membrane  only in "central and marginal". A postero-superior marginal
peforation carries a high risk of development of a secundary acquired
cholesteatoma.No perforation is "safe".

These are only two exemples of a different evaluation of the otoscopic
pictures due to a (well understandable) difference in the definition of ear

In the pre- and postoperative cases it would have been helpful to have some
indications on the hearing results. In general I would have also expected
some remarks on the extent of pneumatization of the temporal bones,
particularly in cases requiring open or closed cavities. Radiologic Imaging
for us is indispensable for a correct evaluation of middle ear infections.

Altogether your have produced a very valuable Atlas documenting nearly all
possible ear diseases and you deserve for this accomplishment a lot of

Thank you for having sent to me your book and very best wishes for 2012.

sicerely your's

Prof. U. Fisch

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