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Friday, March 11, 2011

review of our book by Dr Rajiv yande_ editorial chairman- Journal of laryngology and voice

Dear Mubarak, It gives me immense pleasure to write few lines as
regards your Herculean efforts towards presentation of a unique book
to the fraternity of Otolaryngologists globally. First of all let me
appreciate your dedicated attitude to put forth the concentrated
efforts which I feel is hardly possible today in view of utter
competition that everyone of us faces. It shows that you possess the
Medusa touch of academics and innovative mind supported aptly by the
effort taking capacity. The book has turned out to be an eye opener
for the undergraduate and posgraduate students world over. The
demonstrations have turned out to be words of gospel and future
additions regarding the operative background of illustrations would
create a masterpiece which shall remain a milestone in Otology.
Bettering our own efforts in succession should remain  a bold
bottomline for the years to come and I am certain, critical analysts
shall widen  successful horizons in your glittering career. I would
also want you to further the scope of the present book towards
creating a short ( Oxford type) book of Otology illustrating various
investigations ( Say, Hallpike test, Tuning fork tests etc) and the
treatment of common ailments as practised by the author in an
authoritatve way so that the book will get more acclaim. Only the
Hungry mind avails the Food of thoughts !! I am certain you will
triumph -- as ever  _--

 Dr Rajeev Yande
Professor ENT, Bharathi Vidyapith Medical college and deemed university
Senior ENT consultant, Jehangir Apolo Hospital & Deenanath Mangeshkar hospital
Editorial chairman : The Journal of Laryngology and Voice (ISSN : 2230–9748 )

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