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Saturday, February 5, 2011

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Endoscopic Color Atlas Of Ear Diseases
by Dr. Mubarak Muhamed Khan and Dr. Sapna Ramkrishna Parab

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This atlas, based on the clinical experience of the both the authors, gives a clear and lucid description of all the conditions of the ear represented in the photographs. By pictorial depiction of various ear conditions, the basic conceptual knowledge gets further augmented and supplemented. Appealing to the novice as well as the experienced professional, this atlas is a key resource to the undergraduate and the postgraduate students, the ENT fraternity, pediatricians and general practitioners. This atlas will definitely supplement the standard ENT textbooks for a further in depth pictorial depiction of the ear disorders and thus facilitate proper diagnosis for dispensing appropriate treatment for otological disorders. This atlas provides the sure foundation for the thorough and sound knowledge of ear disorders facilitating the proper diagnosis and thus correct treatment. ISBN - 9789350251669

Pages : 190


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