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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wonderful Comments On My Facebook Stutus

One of my friend's comment "Person's image & status is decided by The Watch he wears, The Mobile he uses & The Car he drives"
Is it true??????
Yesterday at 10:37am · ·
    • AbhiJiit Birari yes, the first hand image. but when ur contact increases, its behavior, morals and may be money:-)
      Yesterday at 10:41am · · 2 peopleLoading...
    • Sheeban Syed ppl with low self esteem r always materialistic n its da opposite with ppl with high self esteem.
      just 4 an example take the really noble personas they knew how to keep it minimum but suttle!
      that what matters the most!!!
      Yesterday at 11:02am · · 2 peopleLoading...
    • Sonal R. Lodhe people with nobel thoughts are real rich..
      Yesterday at 12:05pm · · 1 personLoading...
    • Anagha Prabhune Money definately doesn buy class.. A millionaire sittin in his casuals wil always be more classy than someone who is jus showin off his o her money.. Coz those who hav it don need to show it!! And vice versa.. :-)
      Yesterday at 12:12pm · · 4 peopleLoading...
    • Nitin Sodhi i agree with anagha.delhi is the best example
      Yesterday at 1:21pm ·
    • Aniket Parashar Even if its true..does dat really matter then, sir?:-)
      Yesterday at 1:41pm · · 1 personLoading...
    • Prashant Dahiphale never...
      21 hours ago ·
    • Dr.Amol Deshpande Ask our Golden MLA :)
      20 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
    • Poonam Awatare Beauty of mind,depth of heart n deeds he does decides image of person. Material thngs jst reflects how smartly he can present himself whn he is loaded wth money!
      20 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
      18 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
    • Prashant Dahiphale sir, wat u think?
      14 hours ago ·
    • Deepti Raybagkar Malik The only thing that suggests that the person has enough money and time to decide his own image. And we all know image and status both can be deceptive.
      12 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
    • Nitin Mittal http://www.flickspire.com/m/hwnw/LifeIsLikeCoffee?sms_ss=facebook&at_xt=4d43e3cae26e1b2a%2C2
      this link is best answer to ur question sir
      10 hours ago ·
    • Seemab Shaikh
      I agree with Anagha that money doesnt buy u class. and with Abhijit , about the first look not necessarily being the one to make the impression............BUt having said that, i also feel that DO NOT "misjudge" a person wearing and using g...ood and high-end accesories like a watch, mobile, clothes etc, cos he / she may be just one of those who is "fond" of wearing good stuff and using good stuff....its not necessary tht they are "showing it off".....its probably that they have a feel-good factor about them , just as someone may just plain and simply prefer to be using non-expensive stuff, there are some who may be enjoying using good high end stuff and they have the money to use it and not necessarily show it off.........i know loads of people for whom 4-5 lacs is peanuts, so they wear a Rolex or a Bretlinks BUT they are genuinly very very good human beings with loads of class and NO SHOW OFF...........now its not their fault that they have money and want to use it to feel good and if they r to be meeting up with someone like ME for whom it is a big amount, then its not necessary for them to remove the watch and wear a Casio or HMt and come, right?.......SO GUYS DONT BE JUDGEMENTAL ABOUT USE OF HIGH END ACCESORIES...ALL THOSE WHO USE THEM ARE NOT SHOW OFFS OR NON-CLASSY......and the corollary to that is all those who DO NOT use them are not ALWAYS GOOD people!!!.........See More
      2 hours ago · · 1 personLoading...
    • Mubarak Khan
      Thanks a lot to all for wonderful comment. In todays Kaliyug, this statement is 100% true But really it does not matter. Rich thoughts & limitless imagination to take whole universe in your beutiful mind are the things which really matter.
      T...hat is what my two great mentor did in their lifetime.
      1] Sir Albert Einstein
      2] Great Swami Vivekanand
      See More
      about an hour ago ·
    • Seemab Shaikh That means u havent read my comment carefully boss...........i dont agree.........and u havent included my name in ur mentor list????..........now i am angry with u.........ata pudhcya meeting la bhet zara, mag dakhauto tula........kasa kay Talegaon madhe rahto, bagto mee ata!!!
      about an hour ago · · 1 personLoading...

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